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Hubungan Kualitas Puasa dan Kebahagiaan Santri Pondok Pesantren Al-Ihsan

Pipih Muhopilah, Witrin Gamayanti, Elisa Kurniadewi Abstrak Fasting is one of worship rituals that is usually done by santri, but they have many activities in boarding school and campus that caused not only positive but also various negative effects. These effects may lower the productivity and life satisfaction, and increase negative emotion. This research aims […]

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Efektivitas Metode Tamyiz terhadap Memori dalam Mempelajari Alquran pada Santri Pondok Pesantren Quran

Alfi Fauziyyah, Ulfiah Ulfiah, Ila Nurlaila Hidayat Abstrak One way to memorize and understand the Qur’an is to learn Arabic. Learning Arabic is still considered a difficult thing for most people. Also, students who studied the Qur’an are only able to read and memorize the verses of the Qur’an without understand the meaning of these […]

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Resiliensi pada Penyintas Banjir Ditinjau dari Tawakal dan Kecerdasan Emosi

Ridha Habibah, Subekti Dwi Lestari, Sherli Kurnia Oktaviana, Fuad Nashori Abstrak Resilience by people affected by natural disasters is very important. Disaster is an extreme thing that can make a person depressed, anxious, stressed, and somatisasi. Individuals who pay attention to belief in God, cognitive and positive affective of the things it faces, will affect […]

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